Learning in Module 10

The objective of this Module is for participants to gain skills in organising own work as a facilitator of an e-learning course on a vocational topic, as well as to develop skills in evaluating their own skills. It is also the module in which we will summarize the course.

As a result of this module you will be able to:

  • explain the roles and competences of a facilitator in an online course,
  • organise the facilitation of an e-learning course,
  • evaluate own facilitating skills,
  • visualise data on own progress.

We expect that during this module you will:

  • read module materials,
  • assess and compare your skills as an e-learning course facilitator,
  • publish on module charts with comments,
  • evaluate your progress,
  • select the evidence and fill in the competence table for Module 10,
  • write a short reflection.
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