Good practice in video making

How to prepare a good video:

  1. When the film shows your face, maintain eye-contact with your audience.

  2. Focus of communicating the main content - what is your goal? Perhaps some little interactive elements, such as a short quiz, questions or a simple task can better engage the viewers?

  3. Speak simply, in your natural manner. „Well... mmm, you know...” if not overused makes your message more natural.

  4. The film should be 2-3 minutes long. It is better to prepare a series of short videos rather then one long product.

  5. Start recording 10 seconds before the action, stop recording 10 seconds after you have finished. The equipment needs time to react.

  6. Avoid using digital zoom when using mobile devices. It significantly decreases the quality of the recording. It’s better to step forward to the object you want to film.

  7. When you record peoples’ behaviour and actions, make sure they don’t look directly at the camera. At the meeting or during discussion it may look very unnatural.

  8. When you make a mistake press the pause rather then stop button. It will save you time and during the editing cutting unwanted parts will be much simpler.

  9. Your learners may use different devices to watch the videos, also smartphones with relatively small screens. Bear in mind that small objects used in the film may be thus invisible.

  10. Remember, you need to obtain consent from the people you are filming. Explain to them the purpose of your work and when and where the result will be available. If you want to include minors, you have to ask their legal representatives or parents for permission.

Last modified: Saturday, 14 June 2014, 7:24 PM