Learning in Module 4

The objective of this module is for participants to gain the skills necessary for designing e-tivities.

As a result of this module you will be able to:

  • explain the concept of e-tivities,
  • explain the role and importance e-learning outcomes,
  • design e-tivities useful for the specific vocational subject you teach,
  • write learning outcomes applying SMART criteria.

We expect that during this module you will:

  • design a learning outcome for your e-tivity in a vocational subject,
  • comment on a learning outcome designed by other participants,
  • design an e-tivity specific for your vocational context,
  • comment on e-tivities designed by other participants,
  • write a short reflection about e-tivities in VET context,
  • publish the evidence for Module 4 in the table of competences.
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