Learning in Module 3

The objective of this module is to observe various forms of e-learning in the context of VET.

As a result of this module you will be able to:

  • identify different forms of e-learning,
  • analyse elements of e-learning courses,
  • consider the possibilities of using various e-learning forms in own vocational context.
  • record evidence of your own competences in the competence table.
  • reflect on your learning experience.

 We expect that during this module you will:

  • read module materials,
  • analyse examples of different forms of e-learning and take notes before the videoconference,
  • engage in a discussion during the videoconference,
  • indicate elements of the structure of e-learning courses,
  • elicit and reflect on the elements that can be used in your vocational context,
  • write a short reflection about e-learning in your vocational context,
  • publish the evidence for Module 3 in the table of competences.
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