Week 7 Instructions

Week 7: Assessment

[on campus students: class meeting is optional this week. Just drop by the computer lab if you need help working on your moodle assessment activity or other things.]

Assessment (and the feedback you and the students get from it) is the single most important factor for creating more effective instruction (see Hattie, 2007).  It is too huge a topic to cover in one week let alone one semester, but below are some resources on the basics of assessment and specific ideas for assessment activities.

For your moodle project, you would most likely either create a quiz or else a rubric evaluating something the students do or create.  See the video for how to create a quiz in moodle:

Please read the assignments for guidance, as well.  You need to create an assessment activity in your moodle space first, before creating other learning activities.  This is due before spring break, March 3rd.

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