Week 6 Instructions

[On campus students - no class meeting this week, just drop by the computer lab if you need help with anything]

This week we start getting to work on our moodle projects.  We'll start at the end goal of what we want students to understand.  Once you've identified the concept(s) you want students to learn (which you should have done already), how will you know when or if they have learned them (assessment).

This is the backward design model: 1) identify big ideas, 2) how will you assess their understanding, and 3) what activities will help students gain that understanding.  See the resources below for more guidance on backward design along with a template.

**Read the assignment below for guidance.  And see the 'upcoming events' block on the right for links to details on all the upcoming assignments due before spring break (2 blog posts, and creating an assessment activity in moodle).

The next video showing how to create an assessment activity in moodle is listed under next week, Week 7.

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