Week 5 Instructions

Week 5: Problem-Based Learning

No video this week, just please read all the instructions below and the assignment details in the links below, and use the readings and resources below for help on completing the next assignment.

**You will need to check your blog for comment(s) on your post about your moodle project topic, to see what changes you may need to make before proceeding. Some of you may need to narrow the focus to make the project more manageable, or else make a decision about which topic to do. To find your blog use the 'blog menu' box on the left sidebar and click the View all of my entries link.

The next assignment due Feb. 17th is to take your moodle project topic and think about it from a constructivist and problem-based point of view - why should students care to learn it?  What problems does it solve?  See below for resources on how to take your 'topic' and convert it into a 'problem' or 'scenario' that would be more engaging and relevant for students.  Please read through some of the examples below, especially Converting a Topic into a Problem, before doing the assignment. You need to post to your moodle blog by Feb. 17th.

**Make sure you also read the instructions and guidance in the actual assignment listed below: Blog about converting your topic into a problem or scenario.

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