Week 3 Instructions

Week 3: Constructivist Instructional Design

No video this week, just please read below for information about what to do.  As a reminder to the on campus students, no class meeting this week on Jan. 27th.  Please participate in the constructivism discussion forum below.

See last week's Week 2 Video 1: Getting started with your moodle project for your first moodle project assignment due next Thursday, Feb. 3rd.  Post to your moodle blog with info about a topic for your moodle project.

Given that many of us haven't had learning theory yet, before we move on with our moodle projects we need to learn a bit about constructivist instructional design.  Please choose two of the readings or videos below and then post your thoughts to the constructivism discussion forum below (this will be your weekly assignment actually, the moodle project runs in parallel).  Then please respond to someone else's post as well (or just respond to two posts - as long as there are 2 thoughtful posts in total) by next Thursday, Feb. 3rd.

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