9.3. Search for and re-use open resources for your e-tivity

In Module 4 you have designed an e-tivity. As you already know, one element in designing e-tivities is choosing a spark  (= incentive to initiate an e-tivity). Resources can definitely play a role of the spark in e-tivities. Activity 9.2 stressed the importance of choosing the right resources to support the learning objectives.

You task in this activity is to:

1) Find one resource published with rights for modification (please check which of Creative Commons licences allows for that) which may be valuable for the e-tivity you designed in module 4, using the OER repositories and search engines listed in this module.

2) Adapt the chosen OER in order to use it in your e-tivity. It’s up to you to decide how much customization is required - you could delete a part of the content and write a new section or just change a few words and include new audiovisual resources.

3) Publish a link to the chosen OER and attach the modified version of the original on Module 9 Discussion Forum. Participate in a discussion about how open education content is localised and how the creation of OER may facilitate or prevent the process of creating content which is context-specific. Here are a few questions to consider in your post:

  1. What modifications did you make in the materials you used from an OER site? 
  2. How is content localized at the individual and school level, and what are the benefits?
  3. Is localization only a process of adapting existing materials for local conditions? Or is it also a methodology for creating new materials?

If you find any additional interesting repositories with OER,  please share this information in the Module Discussion Forum as well.

If you have any doubts about the copyright regulations of the materials you found, share them on the Module Discussion Forum.

Time for the task: 45min