9.2. Choose resources according to learning outcomes

In Module 4 you have learned how to design didactic outcomes and e-tivities. The aim of this exercise is to make an appropriate selection of course materials, so that they help you in achieving the specific learning outcomes of an activity, and, as a result, also the general objectives of the course.

In this exercise you will work in a group. A facilitator will divide you into groups at the beginning of the Module. The group assignment is to find and suggest two resources for a selected subject or objective (from the list below) and to publish them (or links) on the Forum in a separate thread. After that, each group will justify their proposition in regards to the goal, licence, quality and their usefulness. Suggested resources must represent diverse formats. Each group’s work will be summarised by the facilitator.

You may use OER search engines and OER repositories, or standard search engines (e.g. Google). Here are the topics that will be assigned by the facilitators to the groups (each group will have one topic):

  • After completing this class a student will be able to create an article in Wiki about typical cuisine in their country. 
  • After completing this class a participant will be able to explain the concept of WEB 2.0.
  • After completing this class a participant will be able to list benefits of including webquest in learning.
  • After completing this class the student will be able to prepare a list of good practices in creating engaging presentation.

Time for the task: 1h 30min