8.1. Watch and analyze video lectures

“Do’s” and “Don’t’s” when making video presentations.

This section highlights some basic presentation techniques that will prove useful in any context where a teacher needs to present something to students - but the focus will be on e-learning scenarios, where the teacher addresses the students through videos.

Example of a bad video lecture

Watch the clip below, and make notes in your blog about the mistakes you identified.

Remember to open you blog in separate window browser which allows you to make notes while watching. You can pause the video at any moment.



Example of a good video lecture

Watch the clip, which shows a lecturer who delivers a well-prepared video lecture.

Make notes in your blog on these elements of the video lecture you identified as executed better than in the above example (e.g. fixed or removed mistakes). As a result of this activity you will create a list of bad and good practices which will be useful in activity 8.2.2.

Time for the task: 25 min.