7.1. Open and moderate an online discussion

Your task is to create a new thread and start a discussion on the
Discussion Forum in this Module.

Open the discussion at the latest on the second day of the work on Module 7 [----actual date-----] to give other participants time to participate.

The topic of the discussion cannot be related to a topic already started by someone else and it can’t be too specialised (unless it’s quantum physics for beginners). This discussion will involve course participants and facilitators.

Read the Introduction to this module and follow the guidelines. Prepare the elements that you will expect from the discussion participants (e.g. in points) and write them down (for instance, in a text file). Think about possible arguments, examples, etc. and write them down so you can use them when moderating.

Take care of your discussion: you are the moderator. Make sure that the objective you have set is achieved in the end and all the important elements that you have written down are part of the discussion. Motivate others to take part in the discussion; react to posts. Use the weaving technique or write down a summary using the guidelines from the introductory text. Remember to quote others’ contributions and, using their elements, create new, inspiring posts. Keep a moderator’s diary in which you will write down specific actions and the time spent on them during moderation.

Time for the task: 3h