6.3. Design group work

Design an e-tivity for a vocational course you choose, as a group. Use the guidelines that you have created with your group in Activity 6.1, and the principal ideas reached in the Activity 6.2. One more time you will work in the small groups your facilitator divided you into previously.  

When designing, take into account the particular work environment of the course you are designing for and specific tools you could use. Think about the types of tools you know that could facilitate group work. Also take into account your experience with the course so far. To which task do those tools fit best? What are you going to need (what functions) to achieve your goals and use the guidelines prepared in Activity 6.1.? Can you identify any potential risks? Use the table of e-tivity elements we included in Module 4 as a model in order to take into account all the important aspects.

Have a look at the list of e-learning tools for group work and read their descriptions. If you need more detailed descriptions of functions, go to tool homepages to find more information. Write down which tools you are planning to use in your e-tivity and explain your choice.

Publish your designed group e-tivity on the Module discussion forum (only one member of the group, but writing the names of all), then have a look at the e-tivities designed by other groups.

Analyse them and provide feedback, comment on at least two that you find particularly interesting or that you think carry a lot of risk of failure.

Use the e-tivity assessment template you have already used in activity 4.4. as the basis for your analysis and comments. Don’t be afraid to be critical, but make sure your criticism is constructive and aimed at the e-tivities, not the group who designed them. Publish your analysis in the forum.

Your e-tivity project will also receive comments from the course facilitator.

Time for the task: 3 hours.