6.2. Participate in a videoconference about group work

As we announced earlier, in this module you will participate in another videoconference. If you still haven’t voted [LINK TO POLL] on the videoconference date, it is time to do so.

The objective of this activity is to identify differences and similarities between on- and offline group work. In activity 6.1 you have collaboratively defined rules and guidelines for creating activities which support group work on the Internet in consecutive stages in a selected context (e.g. professional training, class, seminar with students, project, etc.).

After the videoconference, and once the list created by your group is ready, please have a representative of your group share it with the other groups in the common collaborative space you agreed on, combining all your inputs in just one list. You will likely need to negotiate and agree with the other groups which elements should be on the list in the first place, as well as which is the priority order. The process takes time and people skills, but this is a common situation in group work and should be taken into consideration both in classroom and online environments.

Before the videoconference, think when was the last time that you worked on an assignment that required cooperation of at least a couple of people (at work, during a self-improvement course, in your studies or your personal life, e.g. organising a family trip or a party)? What was your role?Think about the aspects of group work which:

  • you were responsible for and you can consider successful,

  • you were responsible for and that could have been done better,

  • other people were responsible for and were beneficial for the group,

  • other people were responsible for and had a negative effect on the group work,

  • no one was responsible for, and which were a mistake.

You can mention the functions you had during the cooperation, actual tasks which you took up during the work or general reflections about the manner of communication and tools used by the group members etc.

Think about:

  • whether you know methods to deal with identified problems,

  • how the group work process would run in an online environment,

  • whether a new context could influence the elements of success and failure which you have mentioned and, if so, how.

Refer to your own experience, e.g. from this course. Which elements of group work (at the planning and designing stage) are easier and which are more difficult to execute online? For which elements of the group work should the moderator be responsible, and which should be delegated to the participants?

Write down your reflections in the window below (available after clicking on “Edit my assignment”). These will be the basis for discussion with other participants during the videoconference. The videoconference will be organised in TOOL (to be localised depending on tool used by partners) which you are already familiar with.

You have already participated in a videoconference in this course, but if you need a reminder on how to use the videoconferencing tool and prepare for a videoconference, you can consult the instructions in Module 3, activity 3.2.

The meeting is planned for: 1,5 - 2 hours

Link to the videoconference [to be addded in local versions of the course]

Time for the task: 2 hours