5.2. Motivate a course participant

Below you will find a list of people participating in your hypothetical course. Sometimes, for different reasons, their motivation is not on the optimal level. Your task is to compose a short motivating message for five course members, who you will select from the list. In some cases there are reasons for praise; in others for reproach, but it is always important that the participant should be better motivated to learn. Go to the Module forum and post your messages. Discussions are named with the names of the characters. Your post should be a motivating message itself (not what your message could be about). Imagine, that you are the tutor of the course and you are writing the answer to your student.  For example, [add local example of motivating message].

After publishing your message you will be able to see messages of other course participants if some have already been posted.

  • Eliza recently wrote you an e-mail. She says that the subject of the course is very interesting but she doesn’t like its elements. In particular, she thinks that the course is definitely overloaded with theory. According to her the course could do without it. She has signed up for the course to gain practical skills. She emphasized the importance of practical work in VET and would like to learn the same way. Additionally, some of the course elements do not correspond sufficiently to the general objectives of the course. You can’t redesign the course in its duration but maybe you can find a way to convince Eliza that she can still gain something from it?

  • Ada has already made it clear that she doesn’t feel confident working with a computer. She is over 50 years old and most of her life she got by without using one. Now she had to start using it because those are contemporary requirements, but she finds it difficult. She can use an e-mail client and knows the basic functions of a search engine but not much more. This is the first time she participates in an e-learning course and she is not sure if she will cope. Convince Ada that technology will not be a barrier preventing her from completing the course.

  • Bolek immediately felt very confident about the course. For the first 2-3 weeks he was very active; he was contributing a lot. Then he started to log in less and even when he does, he is not very active. Learn what the reason of his lower level of activity and try to stimulate him.

  • Celina works systematically, but you don’t find the results of her work satisfying. You have the impression that she doesn’t put any effort in her work. Her submissions are feeble and suggested solutions are bland and not very creative. In the discussion on the forum she usually just gives a standard answer, sometimes only providing support to other people’s contributions. Mobilise Celina to work better without discrediting her previous work.

  • David wasn’t very active in the course from the beginning. He was present, but his actions didn’t contribute much in comparison to other participants. Recently in the discussion on the forum his contribution was interesting but not relevant to the subject. When you pointed it out to him, he replied that for him it is not clear what is expected in this course. He doesn’t have a direction and is not sure what to do. Try to help David with his doubts.

  • Frank doesn’t lack motivation. You even think that he might be too motivated. He submits his assignments long before the deadline, asks many questions, wants to find out as much as possible. This is not a problem, but he is also similarly active on the forum. He is the first to post in each thread, he publishes many long posts, and comments on most of the others’ posts. You have the impression that he demotivates other group members. You don’t know if they feel intimidated by him, are irritated or if they think that Franek will do all the work, but the fact is that others are less active in discussions. Try to calm Franek down without hurting his feelings and without him withdrawing completely from the forum.

  • Grazyna is the best participant in the course. She is active and competent. Recently, however, she is participating less than previously. When asked she replied that she participated in similar courses and much of the material is either easy or she is already familiar with it. Try to find a solution to stop her from getting bored.

  • Eva was required to take the course as additional training in addition to full-time work. She is very active, shows genuine interest and contributes constructively. However, you notice that with time her energy is decreasing and input becoming less substantial. In her correspondence with you and other course participants she hints that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to keep up the tempo both at work and in the course. Try to find out what kind of problems Eva is having. Think about how you could help her organise better or lessen her workload and suggest it to her.

  • Henryk hasn’t distinguished himself during the coursework. His output and assignments fulfilled the requirements but were never particularly good. This has changed during the last forum discussion. Henryk’s post was exceptionally insightful, relevant and creative. One could learn a lot from that post. You would like this post to be a norm for Henryk’s contributions, not an exception. Use this post to motivate him for the future.

  • Ida works honestly during this course. The exception is the activities which require cooperation with other participants.  Ida doesn’t contribute much to the discussions and group work. You would like to know why Ida doesn’t cooperate well with others and try to change that.

  • Jacek didn’t sign up for the course voluntarily. His supervisor required him to join. You are under the impression that he doesn’t like this decision. He hints at, sometimes quite clearly, the fact that he doesn’t like the course and that it is not meeting his needs. You are concerned that his attitude can demotivate other participants. Try to convince Jacek to produce constructive work.
  • Add local VET specific character’s message (if available).

Time for the task: 2h 30min