5.1. Create a list of demotivating factors

Moodle allows you to get information about your activity in this course. In order to do that, go to the Administration block and select My profile settings->Activity reports->All logs. The graph shows the number of viewed resources with a daily breakdown. We realise the limitations of drawing conclusions from such a limited data set, however most likely such a graph will not be flat, but there will be days or even longer periods when there were few or no logins at all. This means that work wasn’t fully systematic. Through this exercise we would like you to think about why this happened and what can be done to deal with lower motivation.

Your task is to consult the introductory texts and your own course experience to create a list of demotivating factors that inhibit online learning. Then describe actions which can be taken to deal with each of the factors. In the introduction you will find some tips to help you complete this task, but we expect that your suggestions are very detailed and specific. You will complete this task working with the other participants. You will fill in the table which you can find under this [link g-doc LINK]. Your task is to indicate one demotivating factor and suggest solutions for two other. Please add your initials to your contributions. We would like to encourage you to develop other participants’ propositions or suggest alternative solutions. If someone suggested a solution for one problem, it doesn’t mean the subject is closed. It is a part of the task of the person who indicated a demotivating factor to edit and “polish” all suggested solutions related to it, so that the final version is transparent.

This exercise is also an opportunity to familiarise yourself with collaborative development of texts in Google Drive tools. Google Drive provides a package of office applications, which allow for many people to work on the same document. You can use it also for developing content for your teaching purposes (e.g. with your learners, with other teachers etc.).

Time for the task: 2h