4.1. Design learning outcomes for your e-tivity

In module 4 your overall task is to design an e-tivity. However the most important part of this task is to plan and design learning outcomes. Think carefully about the desired learning outcomes and results and then add actions and framework for the participant.

When designing the outcome, focus on an outcome for individual activity, not requiring group cooperation from your participants. Group work is more challenging and we will dedicate in a separate module to this subject.

  • Read the Learning outcomes text, follow the guidelines and design a specific outcome. For that you will need to think about your general objective, to which your specific objective is directly linked.
  • Use the 6 steps method to keep the logical continuity between your specific outcome, actions and results. While formulating the outcome use active verbs.
  • Don’t forget to follow the SMART criteria.
  • Don’t forget that you are designing your outcome for vocational context, make sure that it ensures acquiring practical knowledge, when necessary.
  • Write down your outcome in the table. Don’t forget about the content, exercises and methods of evaluation that you planned and that should also be adapted.


You can use the following table to structure the learning outcome and assign results and elements for evaluation:


(active verbs)

Criteria (i.e. level of performance) and content (results)

Context and other circumstances (evaluation)

The learners will be able to


projects for contruction of office desks

using professional  modelling software

The learners will be able to


3 procedures for resuscitation

without the use of  medical equipment

The learners will be able to


an original recipe for soup

achieving the required balance of flavours.






Publish your properly formulated outcome on the Discussion Forum of Module 4.

Time for the task: 1h