3.4. Record evidence of your competences. Publish evidence in the table of competences

Remember that from this module on we will ask you to determine what competences you feel you have acquired and provide evidence for those competences based on your course activities. 

Start by recording evidence of competences you acquired in Module 3 and publishing at least three in the table of competences. You may consider:

- discussion forum

- videoconference recording

- reflection

- links or other interesting findings you wish to record about this module

Identify evidence of what you have done and include them in your table, along with useful ideas or resources. It is also recommended that you discuss your competences and evidence with your colleagues (through a forum, for example), since sharing ideas and working together helps to understand how the table works.You may consider including evidence of your learning in Modules 1 and 2 in your table, as well.

For instructions on technical issues about creating your competence table, please refer to How to pass the course section at the beginning of the course.

Time for the task: 15min