2.3. Create your competence table

From Module 3 on we will ask you to record evidence of your competences in the Competence Table according to the list of competences defined for this course. To prepare yourself for this task, we advise you to create your table of competences beforehand. 

Read the instructions and suggestions in the Table of competence: course assessment document and think ahead how you will approach this course assignment. 

[in case of Google Docs] Check your mail box. The link for Google Document should be waiting for you. Check whether you have access and can edit the document. Think about how you can create a competence table that will allow you to map evidence and competences efficiently. Create the table in advance, in order to be prepared for filling it in from Module 3 onwards.

[in case of Moodle blog] Find your blog on course site. Think of how you can approach to mapping the evidence with competences in a way to develop a clear and coherent table. Create the table in advance, in order to be prepared for filling it in from Module 3 onwards.

Time for the task: 60 min