2.2. Using ICT for developing competences

Discuss your thoughts and ideas about the identified competences.

You have identified your competences as a teacher of VET subject in Activity 2.1. Which of those competences can be acquired by using ICT? How can technology support acquiring competences? Are there any competences that cannot be supported by ICT? Why not?

Think about one tool that you are familar with and examine it against Bloom’s taxonomy of learning activities and outcomes (figure below).

Reflect on how a chosen tool can help your students develop the competences they need to acquire to become competent in the field they are training for. Share your thoughts and ideas with the other participants in the Forum. Your faciltator will be there to start the discussion, facilitate, motivate and guide you through it.

Analyse various tools you can use with your students according to each level of Bloom’s taxonomy, think whether a tool helps the user to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate or create. The questions from the figure may be helpful in this task.

For example: Microsoft Excel

  • Bloom taxonomy: Create
    Excel as a tool that can be used for communicating information visually through charts and graphs.

  • Bloom taxonomy: Evaluating
    Excel as a tool that can be used for evaluation of effectiveness.

Time for the task: 45 minutes