2.1. Identify your competences

Now think about / reflect on your competences as a vocational teacher.

What knowledge, skills and experience do you bring to your classroom when designing and teaching for vocational subjects or in a vocational institution?

Create a list of your competences and share it with your tutors and colleagues using Padlet board [LINK BY FACILITATOR]. Use the basic functionalities (add a note) to list your competences. Make sure your list can be identified as yours (e.g. by name, photo).

Have a look and relate to the competences listed by the other course participants. Can you elicit those specific for vocational subjects? Note your thoughts down (e.g. in a word document, gdocs or wherever else you prefer), you will work on them further in Activity 2.2

Padlet guidelines

This is an online board where you can post short messages, photos and links. You don’t need to register to access Padlet board. Just follow the link, write in the password and share your competencies with the course participants.


For security reasons, Padlet allows you to read posts added by others but you can edit only your post.

Time for the task: 45 minutes