1.4. Play with Moodle

Try to get to know the Moodle platform, the environment in which the course was created. Don’t be afraid to click on various options. You can’t delete or ruin anything in the course. Have a look at the places that you find interesting. You can open some resources (PDF files, links), go to the forum, find the profiles of the other course participants (in the left side-panel). You can also have a look at the course calendar (right side-panel) to check the upcoming deadlines and add your own events (for example, those imported from the Course Schedule). Please check if you can open all types of files. If necessary, you can upgrade your software. If something is not working properly or if you are not sure about a certain function, please describe it on the forum and we can try to solve this problem together.

Here is some information about Moodle that can help you:
- Moodle video tutorials: http://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Moodle_video_tutorials
- Moodle manuals: http://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Moodle_manuals

If you feel you need specific information about a particular aspect of the course, please ask your facilitator.

Time for the task: approx. 30 minutes.