Multimedia Project

Also due by May 5th is one final short project - create a standalone, publicly accessible multimedia presentation about some topic or technology related to this course (e-learning, instructional design, etc.).  You can team up with up to two others if you like, and the presentation should take at least 3 minutes to play or walk through (or about 10 slides), or 5 minutes or 15 slides for teams.  I'm flexible about the tool you use to create this presentation, as long as it has some audio/video or animation component and it runs in the browser (so, no powerpoint :).  You can use any multimedia authoring tool you like, including a screencast (like screencast-o-matic), or an e-learning authoring tool such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate (there are trial versions available).  Using a SCORM-compliant authoring tool such as the ones listed herewill help your resume more. But you are welcome to use other multimedia authoring tools, too, such as VoiceThread (what we used last year), ScratchXtranormal (used by those Geico commercials), Animoto,GoAnimate, etc.  See also for another list, including timeline and visual mapping tools.

For the presentation, imagine you are speaking to other instructional designers or trainers or educators - you might try to give an explanation or summary of the topic or technology (or a demo if making a screencast), or you might for example give pros and cons, or compare and contrast two different topics or technologies (like comparing two LMS's).

This assignment is due May 5th and worth 50 points.  As long as you meet these minimum requirements you'll get full credit:

  • 1. The presentation should be on an instructional topic related to this class that interests you - instructional design, instructional technologies (such as web 2.0, simulations, etc.).  Look back at some of the resources posted on our class page for ideas.  See also this class wiki for some technologies and issues: or the EduTechWiki:
    • Some examples of possible topics: e-learning evaluation, problem-based learning, constructivism, learning management systems, assessment, backward design, usability, games, simulations.
    • Some example voicethread presentations from last year's class are listed under Week 16 here, to give you an idea of the scope:
  • 2. use a multimedia or e-learning authoring tool that allows you to share/post your presentation online for the public to view in their browser, such as the ones I listed above.  Basically the criteria is the tool can do more than powerpoint :) For example, audio/video, animation, etc. For many e-learning authoring tools, you can export the presentation to SWF (flash) format.
  • 3. The presentation should take about 3 minutes to go through at least, or about 10 or more ‘slides’ if it is not automatically paced.  For groups, please shoot for at least 5 minutes or 15 slides long.
  • 4. Share your project with the class. Post to the Help Forum with either a link to your presentation online or else if it is an SWF flash file, you can attach it to the post.  Email me if you run into any problems.

For on campus students, we'll be sharing your presentations during our final class on April 28th, so please try to finish it by then or else show us your progress.  But the final deadline is May 5th.