Create assessment activity in your moodle course

See the Moodle Project Guidelines and the Week 7 resources.

Before you create the learning activities in your moodle space, you should create an assessment activity to assess student understanding of the big idea(s) or essential question(s) that your lesson aims to achieve.  You should have blogged about what big idea or essential question you are shooting for (see the Week 6 assignment and resources on Backward Design, including the Backward Design Template), and also how you might assess it - be it a quiz or some formative or performance assessment that might be assessed via a blog post or wiki post or discussion forum or so forth, perhaps evaluated with a rubric.

So your assessment activity would likely be a short quiz or else a rubric to evaluate some other kind of activity that will be used to assess student understanding of your topic.

Email me at any time for help or suggestions.

See also the Moodle Project Guidelines.  The assessment activity is one of 4 minimum requirements for your project, and so this assignment is worth 1/4th the total grade for your project: 25 out of the 100 points.