Create your own moodle space

Follow the link listed below this assignment: Request your own moodle space

and fill out the form there to create a blank moodle course for yourself.

The title of your course at this point should just be your full name.

I need to manually approve each course request, and so it may take up to a day to approve your course.  You should get an automatic email notification from moodle when that happens.

In the first video for this week, I show you how you can change the settings and look of your moodle course if you wish, and the first basic lesson about using moodle: the 'turn editing on' button an how that will enable you to add activities such as quizzes and discussion forums, or resources such as URLs or files to your moodle space.  You don't have to create any activities or resources yet - we'll get started on that in a few weeks after you've nailed your topic down.